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Fixed Wire & Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Fixed Wire Testing

A Fixed wire test involves the testing and inspection of each individual circuit in an electrical installation/system. The reason for this is to determine the safety of the installation and to reduce the chances of electrical shock to persons or livestock.

It is a mandatory requirement of the “Electricity At Work Regulations 1989” and consists of a series of tests carried out to each individual circuit, sub-main and the equipment used in the installation. The visual and infrared inspection is important to establish many things such as exposed dangerous wires and overheating of equipment/ circuits.

Tests should be carried out no less than every five years, with a yearly visual or infrared inspection.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Portable appliance testing is vital to protect your business and its employees. Critten Electrical aim to give the best service and to fulfil our obligations with regard to equipment safety.

Electrical safety obligations are not limited to businesses, of course; landlords are also responsible for ensuring the regular testing of all appliances they provide for their tenants.

All portable appliances with a mains plug need testing, this includes:

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