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HEATING: We can do..

Electric heating is 100% efficient at the point of use, not even Band A gas boilers can claim that level of efficency.

So do your feet a favour in the morning and heat up those cold tiles with underfloor electric heating, radiant heat isn't lost through windows like convected heat.

Underfloor heating can be used as a primary source of heat, or secondary, but with either option you need never wake up to cold tiles again.

We always fit insulation below the elements this reduces heat up times for 2-4hrs to 20-30mins, so that is a lot of electric saved. the difference can be felt in the room giving it a warm inviting feeling.

kitchen before bath before bath after

Conservatories are tricky places to heat in the winter, some standing unloved during the winter months, but electric underfloor heating has the advantage that it doesn't just disappear out through the glass, and the warm tiles on a cold winter morning can't be beat.

We work with a number of local heating companies, installing heating systems from domestic combi boilers, to zoned controls and 3 linked boilers for the sprowston church. and another similar system for Bawburgh golf club.

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